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Can I build websites with Convertri?

You sure can – in fact, this website was built using it!  We’ve got a special menu element to make linking all your pages together simple, and with the shared headers and footers feature you can setup a single master-header (or footer!) for every page in your site, so you only need to update it once. 

Why are fast pages so important? 

Short answer: because they make you more money. 

Longer answer: Recent research by Google has shown that 53% of people leave your mobile page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. 

That means of all the traffic you’ve worked hard to drive, all the clicks you’ve paid and optimised for... if your page is slow, over half of them never even see it. Half your potential conversions gone at a stroke. 

But the faster your page loads, the more of your clicks actually see your content. That means more of those clicks can convert, and you get more leads for the same ad spend. People have halved their per-lead cost, JUST by switching to Convertri.

Devin Zander is the CEO of SMAR7 Apps. He spends a LOT on ads, and that means he needs the best-performing landing pages going. 

That’s why he took Convertri for a spin, and found he was getting twice as many leads for the same amount of ad spend. Convertri makes a BIG difference. 

What happens to my pages if the app goes down?

Nothing. We made sure of it. With most page builders, the pages they make are connected to the app, which means if the app has a problem, it takes all the published pages down with it. 

This sucks. No-one wants to find their pages suddenly 404’ing in the middle of a campaign. 

So we built Convertri differently. Published pages are separated from the main Convertri system, which means it doesn’t matter how bad a day we’re having. Your pages will ALWAYS stay live. 

Do you integrate with all my favourite tools?

We’ve got a huge range of native integrations, so probably :)

But if you want something that isn’t on the list, don’t worry. Not only do we add new native integrations frequently, we’ve also got Zapier to cover everything else. 

Can I use my own domain?

Sure can.  You can either transfer your domain to our nameservers and manage it directly from within Convertri, or we support CNAME setup so you can publish your pages on a subdomain and keep your domain management with your registrar. 

Can I use Convertri with Wordpress?

You bet. Our Convertri Connector Wordpress plugin – which you’ll be able to download for free from inside your Convertri account – lets you display any Convertri page on your Wordpress site. 

Do you provide SSL or do I need to use something like Cloudflare? 

We do it all for you. Your Convertri subdomain has SSL by default, and you can switch it on for all your custom domains with a single click. 

What if I go over my traffic limit?

We don’t operate an automatic cut-off – unlike some services, we’re not going to punish you for an unexpected spike in views. If it happens, you’ll be sent an e-mail letting you know, and you’ll be able to add extra traffic to your Convertri account for $30/250k impressions. 

Do you provide support?

We sure do. If you ever need a hand you can contact to speak to one of our team. Alternatively we’ve got a well-stocked knowledgebase with over 200 articles, and a Facebook group with thousands of Convertri users.

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