Welcome To The Future Of Video 

Video is one of the most powerful conversion tools available... but video players ruin your page speed. 

A single YouTube embed can add 2 seconds to your page load time. 

That’s why we built our own. So you don’t have to choose between incredible load times or high-converting video... now, you can have both.  

Lightweight and powerful

This is the only video player to have absolutely no impact on your PageSpeed Insights scores. Have 20 on one page, you’ll still score better than a page with just 1 YouTube player. 

Buy button reveal

Our intelligent triggers let you drop the buy button after a viewer has watched a precise amount of your video, not after they’ve spent that amount of time on your page.

Build high-converting retargeting audiences

Set your pixel to drop only after your audience has watched a specific amount of your video – or even after they’ve watched a specific period.

Animated play buttons

Get more views and engagement with animated play buttons that jump off the page

Dynamic page content

Update page content as your video plays – check out the video above to see it in action.

Sticky video

Sticky video has been shown to boost conversions by 28% - and you can add it with the flick of a switch.

Show/hide controls

Choose exactly how much control you want to give your viewers.

Desktop and mobile autoplay

Convertri’s intelligent autoplay automatically plays your video with sound if the browser allows it, and muted if it doesn’t. Either way, your video plays the second your prospect hits the page.

Advanced autoplay options

Send your conversions through the roof with the ability to (1) autoplay a video when unmuted, (2) only autoplay a video on the first visit, and or (3) always autoplay a video muted.

Player skins

Get up to 6 player skins and effortlessly match your player to your page, product, and brand.

Works with any self-hosted video

Place your video on any of your own hosting and just add the URL into the box.  No complicated integrations needed.

YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia integration

Want to keep your videos on one of these platforms? You won’t get all the benefits of Presto, but you’ve got ready-made elements to get your videos onto your pages in a flash.

Start Your Free Trial Today

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The Only Video Player Built For Speed 

Advanced Conversion Features 

Convertri’s video player isn’t just built for speed. It’s built to turn your prospects into sales. 

That means desktop and mobile autoplay. That means sticky video, to keep your hard-won attention all the way down your page. That means a range of beautiful themes to fit in to any page you can build. 

Video is great. Video that converts is better. 

Never-Before-Seen Interactive Video

Hook page events into the video player to dynamically change page content based on how much of the video your viewer has seen. 

Reveal buy buttons the instant your pitch starts (and not a second before, even if they’ve paused the video). Hide content behind video lead gates. Boost your sales with testimonials appearing strategically as your video plays. 

And that’s just the start. With Convertri, you can deliver a video experience like no other. 

Fully Integrated Video Hosting

Most video hosts try to deliver the whole file at once. This takes time your viewers don’t want to wait around for. 

After all, if people get frustrated waiting for the next episode of Breaking Bad on Netflix, you can bet they’re not going to hang around for a sluggish sales video. 

So Convertri’s video hosting breaks your video down into small packets, allowing near-instant playback on even the shakiest internet connections – giving you happier viewers and higher conversions. 

100GB Hosting

Designed to satisfy the needs of even the most hardcore power seller. You get 100GB of bandwidth each month.

Stop Traffic Leaks

Stop leaking attention (and sales) to YouTube’s ‘Up Next’ algorithm. There’s nothing to distract your viewers from the sale.

The Unsung Hero Of Video Marketing

Background videos are supposed to fly completely under the radar. Effortlessly setting the mood and tone for your brand or business while encouraging more visitors to engage with your site.

Unfortunately, most background videos do the opposite. They’re slow to load, and fail to play on different sized displays or browsers.  They show video controls when they should be invisible, play audio when it should be muted, or end when they should loop. We fixed that.

With Convertri your background videos are hosted on our ultrafast servers so they’ll never slow your site down or lose your traffic to the back button. Better still, you can use the same advanced actions, events and overlays as you’d use on a fully optimized marketing video. 

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